Claudia Tan is an inspiring, empowering, success generating Personal Excellence Strategist. She is the Creator of the Personal XLNS-Score – the tool to assess Personal Excellence and promote progress in personal development. Her mission is making the world a better place by empowering leaders become the Best Version of themselves.


In her former career as a dentist one day she discovered – right behind the teeth – the Operating System of human mind … Fascination kept her engaged in this realm for almost two decades now. She dedicated her whole attention to deconstructing the mystery of how Subconscious Mind works and how its tremendous power can be systematically set free and consciously used by any individual to their own benefit and the prosperity of their social environment. Based on her findings she designed the strategic Shortcut to help Leaders reach their own Best Version.


So she helps them move their lives and businesses to Excellence by:

→ getting rid of limitations,

→ freeing up time resources,

→ discovering their hidden potentials,

→ changing the game of their life,

→ discovering and following their mission.



Bottom line – if life is just a game, why not win by taking control of your time and energy to achieve more with less effort, enjoy your lifestyle and at the same time remain true to your mission.

Claudia empowers entrepreneurs to lead with a powerful mission being authentic and charismatic role models and leaders in their area of influence. Using her unique system she changes lives and businesses for the better and helps entrepreneurs to bring meaning to their message and purpose to their actions. So that they achieve more investing less effort and move their companies to brilliant performances.


Known for her compelling presence, out-of-the-box strategies and undisputed self-discipline she engages and inspires audiences to break through blocks and obstacles, propelling them into action and helping them secure sustainable success.


For over 15 years Claudia has been hired to uncover the hidden potential of human mind commanding people to overcome their weaknesses and step into their zone of genius. Her expertise in facilitating professional and private success has given her the tools to help others master the art of leading a life in self-determination and full responsibility. In all her activities she is purposely driven by leaving a solid legacy changing the world to a better place – one leader at a time.


Claudia helps entrepreneurs and business owners be the best at what they do so that they can be persuasive role models in their business and private environment. She strategizes the action necessary to move them towards excellence using her proven systems and formulas that convert entrepreneurs into authentic leaders. She has streamlined formulas to increase effectivity by actually working LESS! Her system typically brings you on your fastest path to lasting results and success!


Claudia uses her knowledge and experience to help others exceed their personal potential by mastering their self-discipline and staying true to themselves.


No matter the goal or plan, the implementation of her simple practices has led, not only her life but also others to ultimately master their challenges and achieve enviable success. The art of making decisions and cutting away months or even years of hesitation, false starts and procrastination is a trademark of her success.


Contact Claudia today at claudia@master2minds.com