Hi, I’m Claudia Tan. A Personal Excellence Engineer.


Empowering ambitious business leaders to achieve greatness – this is my passion.


It is for them that I created the Personal Excellence Score™, a unique personal development tool designed to effortlessly unleash their creative potential. 


The 5 key areas my clients experience transformation around include … 



  • MIND – uncover and remove hidden blocks to success


  • ENERGY – nutrition, physical exercise, sleep and stress relief strategies. Quality tweaks that make their body a power house


  • RELATIONSHIPS – conscious communication, setting a healthy foundation for meaningful connections with others.


  • TIME – what to prioritize and what to delegate


  • AUTHENTICITY – finding their ‘Zone of Genius’ by aligning on their mission, purpose and goals.



I’m often asked: “Claudia, why do you do what you do?”


My answer to that question is simple – I believe that people who have great ambitions to make a difference in the world deserve to experience wild success.


And with great success comes great challenges.

In the quest to become better leaders professionals frequently get burnt out trying to do it all. Often times they spread themselves too thin trying to take care of everyone and everything. This leads to confusion and stagnation around their purpose and mission. This is common amongst people who are up to big things and if not addressed, this leads to damage to their physical health, emotional health and close relationships.

All of which are fundamental to achieving greatness.

Of course, this is just a taste of the kinds of challenges you can expect as you set out to make a difference in the world.

In my work with clients I not only help them discover clarity and purpose but also create a new foundation on which they rapidly grow both personally and professionally.

They make smarter business decisions, accomplish more in less time, make more money and have improved relationships with the people in their lives.



But it hasn‘t always been like this. I started out as a Dentist…


I was born in Romania. My parents are both engineers. It is because of them that I have an ability to find creative solutions to problems that otherwise seem impossible.

Believe it or not, I started my career as a dentist! Many of my patients felt anxious before having dental procedures and in order to serve them better, I went through dental hypnosis training. With this training my patients experienced deeper states of relaxation without any need for medical anesthesia.

During my dentistry practice I also noticed my hypnosis could create massive transformation in people‘s life.

Patients experienced profound breakthroughs, realizations and shifts in their lives.


Eventually I opened my own therapeutic hypnosis practice. Over the last 18 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people on a range of issues helping to unlock and unleash their greater potential.



What do you mean when you say “unlock your full potential”?


Potential is different for everyone. If you have a dream of achieving something great that is when you need to harness your full potential to make it happen.


Here are two instances where my clients got to experience a radical shift in their lives.



I worked with an entrepreneur who, at the time, owned three businesses. When he came to me he had reached a point of saturation. He felt he had hit a glass ceiling. Through our work together he not only added two new companies to his portfolio (making that 5 businesses!), but was also able to hire incredible leaders to run those businesses. Additionally, he discovered free time to dedicate for his loved ones as well as his own personal and spiritual growth.



In the second instance, a 35-year-old client of mine reached out to me after her doctors had concluded that she will not be able to bear a child. She had undergone several fertility tests and spent significant amounts of money to find a cure. This was her last resort.


After guiding her through a process of personal development over the period of one year, she not only went on to bear a healthy child but also worked through all her subconscious blocks and anxiety around her past trauma.


Working with incredible clients like these reminds me that we really can make the ‘impossible’, possible!



Any hobbies and unique facts about you?


When I’m not coaching my clients I’m usually learning a new language or two since I love learning new tongues. I speak fluent English, German and Romanian. I have working knowledge of Spanish and French and currently learning Hebrew and Chinese. I practice Tai Chi Chuan and enjoy swimming. When traveling I usually head to the hotel pool for an early morning swim as that’s when I have the entire pool to myself. I’m also really comfortable with a hammer and a screwdriver. I can take apart and fix up stuff with expert ease!



How can I reach you to get more support on my current professional journey?


About 95% of my clients choose to work with me via individual or group Zoom Calls. The other 5% prefer to meet me in person in Stuttgart/Germany or to spend a Transformation Weekend with me in an exclusive environment, where we work together on redesigning their path forward.


The best way to connect with me is via email at claudia@master2minds.com

You may be curious to discover at what potential you are operating in your daily life and how much more of that hidden power you could access. Check out Personal XLNS-Score® and enjoy!


If you want me to help you get clarity on your next best step book a „Game Changer Strategy Session“ using this link or schedule a lunch with me to pick my brain. I will be more than happy to support you on your path forward.


Can’t wait to hear from you and help you out.