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The BIGGEST Breakthroughs Come From This

… I have gone through different strategies and finally … 

I have decades of prioritizing other people’s needs, benefits and desires first, and then I have also a vast experience in prioritizing my own needs and benefits and desires first. And honestly, hand on my heart, I can tell you that I’ve had the biggest breakthroughs, successes and impacts when I prioritized myself first – that is why my daily routine starts with me first. This is the first and biggest responsibility that I have, to keep myself in good shape, so I can be there and serve the people who need me most. 


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Make A Change

How is this end of the year going to be different for you than it was the years before?

Many of my clients are scared inside that this end of year is going to be just like all the other years before. Everything is going way too fast towards Christmas and there is so much stuff left that is undone. I recommend you to slow down, do things differently this year. Take a slower pace and breathe, allow yourself to breathe and have a little bit more of a distance of what you do every day. Second thing that I recommend is try to go less digital and more on paper. I like to use this notepad, it’s very tiny it fits in every purse or every pocket. I actually have it everywhere I am and I put down all things, all projects, the new ideas that I have. And while I get them done, I like to cross them out of the list which is very relieving. Third idea to inspire you: think about the end of each day being like the end of a year. Now it’s less than 2 months left to the end of the year. What if you went to bed every single night and put a smile on your face. And you can do that because you can think of those even tiny things that worked out well in that day and are worth to be happy for.  And if you want to know more go to the link below and download “My 5 Favourite Tools To Get Stuff Done”! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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