THE PERSONAL EXCELLENCE SCORE™ – the free tool to assess your Personal Excellence. It was designed by Claudia Tan to identify hidden blocks and unemployed human potentials which is the stepping stone on the shortcut to Personal Excellence and reaching the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

SLEEP QUICK FIX – If your sleep at night is a mess and during the day you are struggling with fatigue on top of all your tasks and responsibilities or you fall asleep while driving – you really need to do something about it NOW. Here’s the good news, Claudia created a shortcut for you. She took the whole modern sleep science plus her roughly 15 years expertise in this area and boiled all down to the size of a nutshell. If you follow her advice you will get immediate improvement by making some minor but pivotal changes to your lifestyle and sleeping environment. It’s like cutting off the tip of the iceberg, it will help you sleep a lot more restful, will increase your alertness, focus and productivity during the day. This is for you if you can’t make time for yourself right now but actually needed fixing your sleep yesterday already … In just one coaching session Claudia will give you the shortcut to immediate sleep improvement and along with this program you get two follow up sessions that will support you in getting those minor but pivotal changes implemented in your life.

IMPULSE COACHINGThis is for you if you experience challenges on one or more topics and you want to change things, but you are on a tight time schedule that actually doesn’t allow you to sit down and figure out the next best step for YOU. Let Claudia support and guide you how to make changes in small but significant increments. This will gradually allow you to “breathe” more freedom and remove the obstacles out of your way one by one. On each call you will together agree on homework and as soon as you completed your to dos you can schedule your next coaching call.  Because the coaching calls are very short and laser focused you can easily fit them even in a busy working day.

YOUR BEST YEAR – a special 6 days intensive retreat for a small group of entrepreneurs designed to save you time, money, energy and nerves and help you lead your business and private life with confidence, charisma and true inner power. Let Claudia take you on the fast track from where you are now to the best version of yourself. This is for you, if you want to go for the whole log and boost your personal growth so that you progress within one year just as much as in the last 10 years taken together. If you are open to discover your full potential and find your true inner greatness, if you are open to start doing things differently for the benefit of getting different results, this is for you. If you want to bid farewell to outdated, disruptive,  energy consuming processes, patterns or persons in your life, this is for you. If you are eager to see your personality transform, refine and shine as never before and you are planning to give yourself the present of a fulfilled life, this is for you. 

VIP DAY – one, two or three full days of intensive one-on-one live coaching and training with Claudia. This is for you if you experience challenges around your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, ENERGY LEVEL, SLEEP, NUTRITION and you want to discover what has been holding you back so you can bring about sustainable improvements in these areas. The focus will be on what changes you need to take and the best ways to implement these in your daily life once you return to your home and business the next day. Claudia will set up a complete roadmap that will help you stay on track during and after these special days. 

INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND – a 12 month exclusive program for business owners with a mission facilitated and empowered by Claudia. Attendance by invitation only.