Both professionally and privately, a clear focus has emerged after the coaching with Claudia Tan. My business developed very positively and privately it led to my dream wedding!  *****Steffen H. Entrepreneur Stuttgart/Germany

Honestly, I’m already doing it all. How was she going to help me?…. We brainstormed on my topics and issues and it has been fantastic. I’m sure: THE MAGIC WILL HAPPEN!

*****Ines Banghard, Child and Youth Coach

I was overwhelmed and stressed out in many areas of my life. It was a gift to meet Claudia.  My main benefit was to get things sorted out again. Working with her definitely cannot be payed off with money.

*****Walter Schmidt, Former Corporate CFO (Munich/Germany)

Working with Claudia Tan is mind-opening and goal-oriented. I’m fascinated how quickly and effectively I tapped into my personal power resources. My everyday life and my business have really developed in a clearly positive way –  easily and with fun. *****Evelyn Siller, Personal Branding With Style & Strategy (Stuttgart/Germany)



She was able to quickly find out where my destructive beliefs were. After working with her I had the feeling that my energy level had risen considerably. I was able to clearly distinguish my vision and feel that has been safely anchored within me. Now I am sure I can achieve my goal.

***** Klaus Forster, Investor and Business Booster (Stuttgart/ Germany),

She is questioning old habits and their effect and manages brilliantly to reorient your compass, so that your mind and heart are in tune and you experience flow again.

*****Dirk Stöcker, Sales Expert & CEO

After 25 years of entrepreneurship I realize that with Claudia’s coaching I did the best investment of my life. Sustainable both for private and my businesses. This really is a huge benefit. The way I changed as a person, the feedback I get from others, the way I can handle situations … It made me more valuable towards myself, towards my employees, towards my wife.

*****H.S., Mehrfachunternehmer (Deutschland)

Well, let me tell you, it really, really changed my life.

***** Bettina Hofstätter, Speaker und BusinessMentor

I trust her fully. Now I wake up every morning completely relaxed and have got exactly the power I had always been longing for.

*****Dr. Sebastjan Varljen, Zahnarzt/Geschäftsführer (Freiburg/D)

While being coached by Claudia I have faced unbelievable experiences and have made a big leap forward in my personal development.

***** Micha H., Project Manager (Deutschland)

After working with her I was able to see clearly what decisions I needed to take for my future. My energy level was constantly rising and I was able to let go of my tension. She restored my self-confidence and got me back to happily accept challenges in my life.

***** Torsten Kühn, Filmemacher, Media Design Coach (Bietigheim-Bissingen),

I was stressed out and looking for a new positioning for myself and my business when I met Claudia. I love her tranquility. Every time I see her, I feel safe and in good care. Claudia helped me find inner peace, focus on my goals and reduce stress. Working with her ment doing myself a favor.

***** Kerstin Armbrust-Krinn, Geschäftsführerin (Stuttgart),

Claudia Tan is a focused, inspired woman. I found myself wonderfully empowered by her. Thank you so much for this pivotal impulse. It was great to have met you. And I always enjoy meeting powerful and beautiful women, because they can have big impact in our world.

***** Kaja Novak, Organisations- und Führungskräfteentwicklung (Ingolstadt/Germany)