THE PERSONAL XLNS-SCORE – the free tool to assess your Personal Excellence. It was developed and designed by Claudia Tan to serve as a GPS, support, inspiration and motivation tool for ambitious people striving towards continuous personal growth and development. The Personal XLNS-Score identifies hidden blocks and unemployed human potentials which is the stepping stone on the shortcut to Personal Excellence.




PERSONAL EXCELLENCE – SLEEP QUICK FIX – If your sleep at night is a mess and during the day you are struggling with fatigue on top of all your tasks and responsibilities or you fall asleep while driving – you really need to do something about it NOW. Here’s the good news, Claudia created a shortcut for you. She took the whole modern sleep science plus her roughly 15 years expertise in this area and boiled all down to the size of a nutshell. If you follow her advice you will get immediate improvement by making some minor but pivotal changes to your lifestyle and sleeping environment. It’s like cutting off the tip of the iceberg, it will help you sleep a lot more restful, will increase your alertness, focus and productivity during the day. This is for you if you can’t make time for yourself right now but actually needed fixing your sleep yesterday already … In just one coaching session Claudia will give you the shortcut to immediate sleep improvement and along with this program you get two follow up sessions that will support you in getting those minor but pivotal changes implemented in your life.









INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND – a 12 month program for business owners with a mission facilitated and empowered by Claudia. Attendance by invitation only.