Both professionally and privately, a clear focus has emerged after the coaching with Claudia Tan. My business developed very positively and privately it led to my dream wedding! I would recommend a personal coaching with Claudia to anyone who wants to get ahead in life.  *****Steffen H. Entrepreneur Stuttgart/Germany

*****Ines Banghard, Child and Youth Coach www.coach-deines-lebens.de

*****Walter Schmidt, Former Corporate CFO (Munich/Germany)


The cooperation with Claudia Tan is mind-opening and goal-oriented on all levels. It is fascinating how quickly and effectively I made progress. My personal power resources, my everyday life and my business have really developed in a clearly positive way – and this easily and with pleasure. The cooperation with Claudia Tan is absolutely recommendable. *****Evelyn Siller, Personal Branding With Style & Strategy (Stuttgart/Germany) www.evelyn-siller.de



*****Dirk Stöcker, Sales Expert & CEO www.triup.eu


Turns out that even after 25 years of entrepreneurship you can experience surprises. In this case the realization that with Claudia’s coaching I did the best investment of my life. Sustainable for private and business sector aswell. She picked me up in a difficult phase of my life and has now been coaching me for more than a year. “Claudia, these discussions with you are really demanding. Demanding but also supporting. Looking only from an economical point of view one thing is for sure: this is the best investment that I have ever done in my life. The time I spend with you And if I look at what I invested on the one hand and what I have received on the other hand – it’s a huge benefit. This really is a huge benefit. The way I changed as a person, the feedback I get from others, the way I can handle situations … it really is powerful. It’s really, really powerful. The way it has changed me as a person by only changing perspectives … This change of perspectives is actually the pivotal thing after all. It made me more valuable towards myself, towards my employees, towards my wife. It is really big fun! And that is why we must continue :-)” *****H.S., Serial entrepreneur (Germany)

***** Bettina Hofstätter, Speaker und BusinessMentor www.traumunternehmen.de

As a dentist I am mostly working in a sitting position, oftentimes twisted and bent forward. Beside regular workout I also need a healthy sleep at night to be able to relax and recover completely. For years I have been looking for a proper solution and have tried many things. But it never really worked for me and I kept suffering from chronic back pain and tension for many years.  Claudia had already given me at an earlier stage great advice regarding posture and “healthy walking”. As a coach with holistic approach she demonstrated me then her strategy to achieve a healthy sleep and I was  thrilled. I trust her fully. Now I wake up every morning completely relaxed and have got exactly the power I had always been longing for. And now, when on travels I basically miss my beloved and power generating sleeping environment from home. I recommend Claudia to anybody who is open for holistic solutions and ready to invest in their health at night. *****Dr. Sebastjan Varljen, Dental Surgeon/Managing Director (Freiburg/Germany) www.zahnarztfreiburg.de

While being coached by Claudia I have faced unbelievable experiences and have made a big leap forward in my personal development. I can really recommend her to anyone who needs and allows support on their way to happiness, health, identification, mastering the daily routine and inner balance. ***** Micha H., Corporate Project Manager (Germany)

I had reached a point in my life where I needed to take important decisions. But after lots of effort I was really lacking the power to find the right path for me and take it. After the first session with Claudia I was immediately certain that deep inside of me she had set something very important in motion. She has this ability to grasp a situation as a whole and empower me along the way. After the second session with Claudia I was able to see clearly what decisions I needed to take for my future. My energy level was constantly rising and all along with the confidence I was gaining I was able to gradually let go of my tension. I am very grateful to her for restoring my self-confidence and bringing me back to happily accept challenges in my life. ***** Torsten Kühn, Filmmaker, Media Design Coach (Bietigheim-Bissingen/Germany), www.frogs-united.de

I was stressed out and looking for a new positioning for myself and my business. Then I met Claudia. There are several reasons why I decided to go see her: personal sympathy, I trust her competence, I wanted to do myself a favor. Every time I see her, I feel safe and in good care. What I already achieved with her help: more inner peace, focus on my goals, stress relief and a good night sleep. Claudia has handled me very mindfully. I love her personal style and her tranquility. She takes really good care of me as her client and is very keen on providing me optimal benefit and great new experiences. ***** Kerstin Armbrust-Krinn, Managing Director (Stuttgart/Germany), www.digital-working.coach.

When interviewing me she was able to find out really quick where my destructive beliefs are. Using her special methods she could make clear that my beliefs were not helpful. After the first session with her I had the feeling that my energy level had risen considerably. In a following session I was able to distinguish and feel clearly what my vision is. Now it feels as if my vision had been anchored safely. And now I am sure that I can achieve my goal. ***** Klaus Forster, Investor and Business Booster (Stuttgart/ Germany), www.4ster.de

Claudia Tan is a focused, inspired woman. She is making her assessments using a lot of imaginativeness and intuition for the counterpart. And she pleads her estimation so vividly and powerfully, that you immediately get a picture of it. I found myself wonderfully empowered by her in some of my tendencies, that I had never been taking seriously enough or maybe would have even drawn the curtain over, although they are core part of my person. Thank you so much Mrs. Tan for this pivotal impulse. It was great to have met you. And I always enjoy meeting powerful and beautiful women, because they can have big impact in our world. ***** Kaja Novak, Organizations and Executives Development (Ingolstadt/Germany) www.novak-beratung.de